About St. Clair County EDC


EDC History

The St. Clair County Economic Development Council (EDC) was commissioned on January 15, 1999. It was established to facilitate industrial, institutional, commercial, and leadership development throughout St. Clair County. Over the years it has been successful by showing people and investors that St. Clair County has a superlative quality of life along with a low cost of doing business.

“Historical Success”

  • 2,510 New Jobs Created
  • $73,159,000 New Payrolls
  • $466,350,000 Commercial & Industrial Capital Investment
  • $3.3 Million Grants Awarded Locally
  • $1.2 Million New Annual Property Taxes for Education
  • $364,000 New Annual Sales Tax Revenues for Education


Don Smith, Executive Director

Jason Roberts, Assistant Director

Candice Hill, Retail Specialist