Business Advantages

Why St. Clair?

Choosing the right location can hinge on a number of factors. Here is a sampling of why St. Clair County is considered among the top locations in Alabama, the region and the nation:

Affordability — Property taxes are among the lowest in the nation, median home prices are 31% below the national average, and low operating costs give us a competitive edge.

Progressive Region — As part of the Birmingham-Hoover Metropolitan area, St. Clair is in the heart of limitless educational, social, recreational, health care and commercial opportunities.

Location, Location, Location — Two major interstate highways running within our borders, access to rail plus proximity to major markets of Birmingham, Atlanta and Memphis make St. Clair a wise strategic locale.

Education — Two top-notch public school systems, a leading community college and a short commute to world-class, four-year institutions top any educational opportunities’ checklist.

Quality Health Care — New state-of-the-art hospital and veteran’s home lead the way in providing quality health care locally with access to larger facilities and a world recognized medical center in Birmingham just a few minutes’ drive away.

Qualified Workforce — Draw on our region’s diversity, giving you choices that run the gamut from assembly line to the highest professional skills needed.

Support System — Our economic development team will assist you in every aspect of your decision-making with vital, site specific information, incentive programs, training programs and problem solving for a smooth transition for your team.