Property and Sales Tax Abatements

The abatement of local, county, and state portion of non-educational taxes are authorized by local granting authorities for qualifying projects. These tax abatements included investment in:

• Land
• Building
• Machinery
• Building Materials

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Summary of Alabama Tax Incentives

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Alabama Jobs Act

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Alabama Veterans & Targeted Counties Act

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For more information on state incentives go to Made in Alabama Taxes & Incentives

Competitively Priced Land

Depending on the location and project, discounting land for use in manufacturing is available in designated manufacturing parks. These sites are properly zoned with necessary utility services either on site or adjacent to the property. There are environmental and geotechnical reports on most sites available upon request.

Alabama Industrial Development Grant

Grants of $10,000 – $150,000 are available for reimbursement of site preparation, access and engineering of publicly controlled sites for qualifying industrial projects.These grants are applied for by the local public authority and are based on total capital investment. Please learn more about this program at by clicking here.

Design to Build to Lease

This a useful program that allows the user/tenant to design and customize a new facility to meet his or her unique needs in an accelerated timeline without the large capital expenditure that comes with building and owning. The public entity works with a developer to design and build a customized facility and then leases it to the business. This allows the company to invest very little in capital into the building and allows these funds to be reinvested in production and equipment purchases.

Infrastructure Grants

Improvements in public access and infrastructure are available to local public applicants through the Alabama Industrial Access Road Grant and CDBG Economic Development Grant. These grants are based on restricted to manufacturing, warehousing, or distribution activities and require a local funding match.

Workforce Training

New and expanding companies in Alabama have the opportunity to utilize the Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT) programs. AIDT is national recognized as a top-rated organization that specializes in program development, recruiting, assessing and training potential employees, providing on-the-job training, developing and producing training materials and videos, and locating facilities and delivering customized service.

In combination with AIDT, Jefferson State Community College local campus has a specialized manufacturing and nursing program, iCademy, designed by local industries to meet their local workforce needs.