St. Clair County

Welcome to St. Clair County, where you can experience small-town living with big city amenities. Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountain Range the region offers an abundance of natural beauty. Exquisite lakes increase both the attractiveness and resources of the area. Around every corner you will find friendly faces, rich history and a multitude of opportunities.

St. Clair County was awarded the 2007 EDAA Community Economic Development Award, for their efforts to establish and maintain a pro-business climate with progressive and supportive leadership. Access to three major interstates, I-65, I-20 and I-59 make St. Clair and Blount County a logical site for a variety of industries. Within a 30 mile radius, industries entering St. Clair County can gain access to a 300,000 person labor force. Competitive land prices, quality manufacturing sites and progressive and supportive leadership are turning the heads of corporations across the globe.