Eissmann Automotive Announces its Fourth Expansion in Pell City

PELL CITY, AL – In a recent visit with Pell City Council President James McGowan, Eissmann Automotive North America’s Managing Director Jost Bierbaum, Goodgame Construction Company’s Jason Goodgame, and St. Clair Economic Development Council’s Don Smith announced a new expansion inPellCity.  This expansion will involve hiring 35 new employees and investing $4.2 million dollars in new equipment and facility upgrades.  This is Eissmann’s fourth expansion in Pell City, closely following the company receiving an award by the Alabama Germany Partnership presented to Bierbaum by Governor Bentley in Huntsville.

When Eissmann Automotive opened its second North American plant in Pell City, Alabama, in 2005, officials were optimistic it would not only be a good fit, but it would grow with St. Clair County. ThePellCityplant began with 60 employees and now has 240. The size of the facility has expanded from 40,000 square feet to 105,000 square feet with the newest expansion, Bierbaum said.

The maker of leather products for the automobile industry, Eissmann’s dashboards, side panels, consoles, gear shifts and other leather wrapped parts of a car interior are seen in every major brand, including Mercedes, VW, Audi, Daimler, Porsche, Jeep, and Corvette.

“We are happy to be here to help support Eissmann’s growth over these years.  Because a large majority of our business is with our existing customers, it is important to us to provide them the quality and service they deserve,” said Goodgame.

“The success story here isn’t just foreign investment in a local community but providing opportunity for local support businesses, creating jobs, increasing wealth and improving the quality of life,” Smith points out.

Bierbaum and Eissmann are also incredible “ambassadors” for other German companies.  “If Eissmann had not been so happy here, WKW and Oerlikon might not be here today,” Smith said.

“We are happy to be growing here and have no reason to complain,” said Bierbaum. “The City and the economic development team have been most reactive and most supportive.”

Consistencies in its management and employee base have been key for this global, family-owned company that has 10 plants and two sales offices worldwide.  Among the first employees at Eissmann ten years ago were laid off management from nearby Avondale Mills. The defunct textile plant that centered on making denim employed many of the same skills needed in making leather products for cars.

“Because of our history in supporting manufacturers and these available skilled workers, Eissmann was able to create a solid team from the very beginning and many are still employed here today.  That tells you they are doing something right,” added McGowen.

“Love of detail” is its slogan, and from its product lines to its new patented “invisible air bag”, to a fourth expansion, Eissmann is building on its track record of success. “They have been growing during the recession,” Smith said. “That says a lot for Jost and his team.”


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