Town of Steele Welcomes New Dollar General

dg-new-040914STEELE, ALABAMA — April 5, 2014 – The Town of Steele is holding a Grand Opening Celebration for their new Dollar General store. This store, located at 20 Herb Collette Drive, was heavily recruited by the town to offer grocery and miscellaneous items that were not conveniently accessible to the citizens of Steele. In order to bring the store to the town, the Town of Steele and the St. Clair County Commission worked together to provide better access for the development.

This is the eleventh Dollar General store in St. Clair County, and the revenues from this store will help the Town of Steele to continue to serve the needs of their citizens. After welcoming Love’s Travel Center in 2009, Steele is now a prime example of how higher traffic counts can lure other businesses to a community.

Dollar General currently has over 11,000 stores crossing 40 states. According to their website, they produce $16 Billion in sales per year selling products that are distributed by twelve distribution centers.

“Steele is happy to have a fine corporation like Dollar General located in our town. They offer a great service to our citizens, and we are proud to be a new location for one of their stores.” – Mayor John Wilcox, Town of Steele

“The St. Clair County Commission is proud to be a partner with the Town of Steele to help bring another Dollar General to our community. The sales taxes and jobs generated by this store will provide more positive growth for our citizens. I want to thank Mayor Wilcox and the town council for their hard work that brought this project to fruition.” – Chairman Stan Batemon, St. Clair County Commission

“We congratulate the Town of Steele on the recruitment of Dollar General. Mayor Wilcox understands that new job growth and new wealth in a community leads to more detail developments. He worked extremely hard on this project and this Dollar General will help keep more of their citizen’s tax dollars in their community and open doors for new opportunities for the Town of Steele and its citizens.” – Don Smith, St. Clair County EDC

About St. Clair County Economic Development Council:
The St. Clair County Economic Development Council was created in 1998 with the help of the St. Clair County Commission and the St. Clair County Industrial Development Board. Their goals are to create jobs, increase the tax base and increase the quality of life for the citizens in St. Clair County. Established in 1818, St. Clair County is located at the end of the Appalachian Mountain range, in north-central Alabama. With a population of more than 83,000, St. Clair County is one of the fastest-growing counties in the state and is considered a part of the Birmingham-Hoover metropolitan statistical area, the largest in the state.


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